Pregnancy & Birth Services


Do you feel lost in the haze of your local healthcare system?


Is your relationship with your care provider lacking kindness, understanding and compassion?


Are you struggling to voice your concerns or desires?


Are you looking for a person to stand by your side in solidarity every step of the way?


Are you looking for some cosmic glue to hold you and your partner together throughout the process of pregnancy and birth?



Birth is a transformation; a powerful rebirth of you as a woman & a mother.


Creating, sustaining and birthing life is no easy feat. Being filled with questions and concerns is a pretty common reaction!  I want you to know, I want all women to know, that birth isn’t something to be feared. And your experience is not something you need to live in isolation

You deserve to be treated as the divine being that you are. As the creator, the vessel of life & birth babe that you are!

I offer my doula clients support and clarity like no other.  We spend time together, extensively mapping out your wants, needs and preferences for your pregnancy birth & early postpartum period.

Together we will release any unwanted fears and reservations so you can move forward to have a positive and powerful birth.

I will work towards inspiring your inner confidence to break through your delicate surface. You will learn about your body’s true power, trust in yourself and your baby to arrive earth side as you wanted. We will discuss every possible facet of birth, so you feel in control no matter how your birth unfolds.



My mission involves creating space for you & your partner to find your inner voice and let it roar.



I am with you every step of the way, your sounding board and empathic ear.  I will, alongside your partner, draw on skills for help you through your birth and encourage you with coping techniques and comfort measures.



Hear me when I say this…it does not matter how you intend to give birth.


What matters is that you are heard. You are loved. You are supported.

This is your story – own it. I’m here to guide you on the way.