Postnatal Services


Feeling relatively certain about rocking your birth but need additional care during the postnatal?


Do you have a newborn, and are feeling isolated and lost?


Are you a solo parent or is your partner back at work, and you need some extra hands to help manage life after birth?


Looking for a calming (but enthusiastic!) and reassuring voice and person to support you unconditionally while you feel vulnerable or fragile?

The first few weeks after your baby arrives shapes you for the rest of your life. The ground work you put in place will determine how optimally you recover, both emotionally and physically.

It isn’t uncommon to be at the end of baby showers, dozens of flowers and baby registries. But once your little bundle arrives, new mothers are often left alone, both literally and figuratively, to juggle this new stage of your life.


Well, I am here to tell you it shouldn’t be like that and it doesn’t have to be.


I provide a safe space for you to debrief your birth story, give you an extra pair of hands where ever you need them. I can offer you breastfeeding or feeding support, help with sleep and settling routines, care for bubba while you rest.


Yes, care for you while you rest!


I can offer nutritious warm meals to fuel you, basic tidying of the home, caring for siblings or pets, run errands or just hold you when you cry.


I will be there with you when you need me. This is my promise to you.