Meet Peta Tuck

As a passionate mother, advocate for positive birth and small business owner, I can proudly pinpoint the vibrant puzzle pieces that make up the mosaic of my being.

We all have a story and it is a sincere pleasure to be sharing mine each and every day through the power of social media and blogging. My community has given me an opportunity to rise up and be the best version of me.


Before anything else though, I am ME. I am Peta Tuck.

I am a wife & mother to 3 beautiful beings and a step mum to 1 handsome young man. I spend my days passionately working with women, for women. This work sets my soul on fire in the most indescribable of ways.

The road to where I am now has been long & winding, however, I see that I was meant to travel it. My experiences have morphed me into the individual I am today; they’ve impacted the meaningful work I create now.

When I’m not being a confidence creating queen for my clients, I am usually down deep in the trenches battling everything that comes at me in the role as Mother. Some days I have a sparkling home with home cooked meals, other days I am wiping the tears from the children and myself while cleaning poo from the carpet. It is this glorious role as ‘Mother’ that has led me to find my calling.

Over the years I have come to realize how powerful this journey is and how vital it is to find your village right from the start.

So why am I here? Because I want to hear your story – I want to be the chain link that ties each marvellous piece of your puzzle together. I want to guide you on your ride.

I am living proof that you can be your most perfect self, even when you are feeling anything but perfect.