Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Birth Doula when I have my partner?

Although having two support people maybe seem redundant, our roles are very different. My capacities as a professional labour support person take the pressure off your significant other and allow them to enjoy the process, too! I create space to for your partner to love you and support you in whatever way they feel comfortable, while I tend to the small details that make you feel warm, heard and cared for.
Doulas do not take away from your partner’s experience and Doulas do not ostracize your partner, either. A professional Doula does not intrude or impose. They exist to support every single inch of your experience so that you and your partner can bring your baby earthside just as you intended.

Will my Doula negotiate my care and speak for me on the day of birth?

No, that isn’t the scope of my role and at the end of the day, this isn’t my birth. Therefore I can’t make biased decisions that run the risk of negatively impacting you. Instead, I give you and your partner the knowledge, facts and unadulterated support so that your voice becomes strengthened and you gain confidence negotiating your own care, as well as communicating your needs. I encourage you to explore your desires, own the essence of your values and push forward in making them known. Quietly but assertively, I gently prompt you to ask questions should I notice you struggling or confused. As your Doula, I am there to help you achieve the outcome you want; but I cannot do it for you.

But I am birthing in a hospital, won’t the staff look after me? Isn’t that their job?

Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors (such as understaffing, the scope of practice, responsibilities of the individual in question, emergencies on the labour ward and more), most midwives do not have the time to support you every minute of your birth.
Our current health care system, most hospital policies and standardized procedures are not always set up with the best interests of women or their baby.
Engaging the services of a professional who isn’t bound by hospital protocols or policies means I can support you independently of any other noise or distractions.

Do you support all births?

Abso-freaking-lutely! It doesn’t matter how or where you give birth, every single birthing person and their family deserve the right care and support to help them live a fulfilled birth & post-partum experience.

Do I need a birth plan?

HELL YES! Call it a plan, preferences, wish list – doesn’t matter because the point remains the same.
Understanding the process of birth, discovering each option available to you, exploring each possible outcome; these gems all come from the thought process involved in developing your very own birth plan.

Why do I need a postpartum Doula?

With staggering rates of post-natal depression, mental illness and general poor health following the birth of their babies – it is abundantly clear that mamas are being left under-supported, under-resourced and alone in one of the most vulnerable times of their life. Throw fatigue, hormones and minimal well-being practices into the mix and it’s not surprising we end in disaster.

Postpartum Doulas can help ease these wild times, bring you comfort and care, all the while keeping your head (and heart ) above water. Why wouldn’t you want one?!

What exactly do you provide in the postpartum period?

I am there for you from the moment you give birth via phone or email. I will visit you at home and help you settle into your new life. I offer breastfeeding support, sleeping cues, birth debriefing, cleaning, cooking, running errands, sibling support and just that reassuring person holding you while you find your feet to rock this motherhood gig.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES. I believe in investing in your Motherhood journey but am also aware there are many expenses at this particular point in your story. My payment plans accommodate all budgets but total your total outstanding invoice must be paid in full by 35 weeks.

What area’s do you service?

I currently service Brisbane, Ipswich, The Lockyer Valley and Somerset Region.

Do you offer Birth Photography?

I am currently exploring adding this service to my offerings. At this stage, I am only a hobbyist photographer but am very much considering upgrading my equipment and specializing in birth specific photo training.