Welcome, beautiful babes; it’s so good to have you here.

You are amazing and I am grateful you have come to share your mama magic with me.

Wherever you are in your journey, rest assured you are in the right place.

Through the joy, challenges & triumphs, I vow to be your sounding board, anchor, sideline support, guider and confidence cultivator.


Motherhood wasn’t meant to be experienced in isolation. Surrounded by beautiful energy, love and your greatest supporters – this is where a mother truly blossoms.  


Do you want a birth that leaves you feeling powerful, positive & ready to embark into motherhood?

Do you want a peaceful postpartum being nurtured and cared for so you can savour every moment and find your groove with your newborn?  

Or maybe you just want to find that banging personal confidence as a new mother?

My name is Peta Tuck and I am here to help make this happen for you.